Bronze ring bracelet with Swarovski crystals, pyrite, and Czech glass, stretch bracelet

Item Description

This bronze ring bracelet is shimmering with rich, warm gold tones. I have combined earthy and sparkling elements to create a unique, fun to wear piece of jewelry.

The focal ring was created in Goldie Bronze metal clay. This unique artisan material is composed of tiny bronze particles suspended in organic binder material. When fired in a kiln at 1510 degrees, the binder burns away, leaving behind a durable bronze metal. After firing, the ring is finished and polished to a high shine, then hammered to create texture. It is sealed to prevent tarnishing. 

The bracelet is finished with Swarovski rondelles, pyrite rounds, and bronze Czech glass. 

I have used double strands of strech cord to make this piece super easy to wear. To put it on, simply roll it over your hand. The elastic has been triple knotted for added security.

Ships in about 5-7 days.


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