Gold bronze and pyrite teardrop necklace,handmade metal clay pendant, art jewelry

Item Description

This graceful teardrop necklace features a rustic pyrite cabochon.  The result is a unique piece of art jewelry with the feel of an ancient treasure. Earthy and glamorous, this necklace shimmers in handcrafted gold bronze metal clay. Organic spiral designs and gold filled circle chain add to the rich look of this piece of art jewelry.  It was hand sculpted and is loaded with stylish detail, including delicate vine forms which wrap around the pendant. This piece is ready to ship! 

What is Goldie Bronze metal clay?  This unique artisan clay is comprised of tiny bronze particles suspended in organic binder material. When fired in a 1510 degree kiln, the binder material burns away, leaving behind a durable, sintered bronze metal in a pretty shade of gold.  Several stages are used to construct a piece of gold bronze jewelry, and each piece is hand finished and treated to prevent tarnishing.  

The pendant is about two inches long and the 8mm pyrite cabochon is set in a regal crown bezel.  The 3.5mm gold filled circle chain is available in various lengths, and is finished with a lobster clasp and 2 inch chain extender. The back of the pendant has a matte finish. 



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