As seen on "The Fosters," Gold bronze statement necklace, antique style with beaded chain, unique metal clay necklace, bronze anniversary

Item Description

As seen on "The Fosters" (ABC Family), Season 3, episode 4! It was worn by Teri (Keli Daniels). This unique gold bronze statement necklace features antique style, with an embossed, stylized design. Handcrafted in gold bronze, with a light patina, it has the vintage look of an antiquity. The bold and glamorous pendant is truly unique. Rich gold tones are accented by the dark grey and bronze tones of the beaded chain.

The pendant was handcrafted and sculpted in Goldie Bronze metal clay, This unqiue artisan clay is composed of tiny bronze particles suspended in organic binder material. When fired in a kiln at 1510 degrees, the binder burns away, leaving behind a durable sintered bronze metal in a luminous shade of gold. It was hand finished in several stages, given a light patina to highlight the texture, polished, and sealed to prevent tarnishing. 

The  fancy diamond shaped pendant measures 1 1/2" by 1 1/2" and is suspended from a gold filled chain that is adorned with hematite beads, for a vintage look. It adjusts from 16" to 18 1/2" long and is finished with a lobster clasp.

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