Kathryn Doll, the artisan behind Kathryn Designs, pierced her Barbie doll's ears with a beaded straight pin as a child and has been in love with creating jewelry ever since.  Kathryn and her sister decided the occasional scratch from a pin sticking out of Barbie's head was an acceptable risk in the name of adornment.  Her creations have evolved since that time and are far safer and user friendly. 

Over the years, Kathryn pursued art in many forms, such as painting, ceramics, and collage work.  She obtained a Bachelor's degree in Creative Art, a Master's Degree in Art Therapy, and a Master's Degree in Social Work.  She developed a rewarding career as an art therapist and social worker, and still enjoys working in the mental health field.  In 2005, when she "discovered" polymer clay and metal clay, she started crafting a small business and selling her unique artisan jewelry online and in local shops and galleries.

She has developed a unique style of creating mixed media jewelry using innovative techniques in polymer clay, resin, and metal clay.  Each piece of jewelry is lovingly handcrafted and features her signature mix of modern and traditional design elements. 

Kathryn works from her studio in Fort Lauderdale, Forida.  She was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and considers both Florida and Kentucky home.  She lives with her family and studio assistants, Allie the Papillon, and Eddie the Sheltie.